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Truly Me

WELCOME to the trulymetoo family! Make yourself at home. Feel free to browse around--get inspired, get sassy, get shopping!  But before you get too wild, how about a little story time?

Once upon a time, there was a quaint little boutique called EPISODE. This little boutique stood near the waves of Santa Monica Beach. Every day, many little girls would wander into the boutique and admire the lush decorations and beautiful clothes. They loved spending time looking around and trying on dresses--imagining themselves as little fairies and princesses.

The girls talked to each other excitedly.

               "Did you hear? THIS is the same dress Ryan Newman wore on the red carpet!"

               "Yes! And these were worn by the Obama daughters!"

               "I heard that Pink shops for her daughter at this boutique too..."

Everyone had a fun time, and EPISODE loved opening her doors everyday to bright colorful girls. But, finally there came a time when EPISODE had to spread her fairy boutique wings and fly. Before she took to the wind, she threw a big "Happily Ever After" party for her friends. She promised she wouldn't be gone forever--she would come back.

And she did.

Happily Ever After never ends. It always begins again as we now we start a new journey...

Once upon a time at trulymetoo......

Join us at trulymetoo and discover new dream lands and fantasies.

We believe in STYLE and PERSONALITY--that's why we offer clothing for a wide age range (12M to 16 years) with lines carrying each of their own statements. You can find a variety of styles that speak to the girl who is sweet and feminine, the girl who is unique and bold, and the girl who is independent and fashion forward. 

Our staff here is dedicated to providing the highest quality of styles and unique designs you can find. With an established background in design and fashion, our specialists here will pair up the best outfits and offer stylish ways to spruce up your wardrobe. Our goal here at trulymetoo is to help you feel truly like you.

And the fun doesn't end there. trulymetoo went from a small boutique by the beach to an online retail shop to reach more girls and spread the love. We are always looking to collaborate with nonprofit organizations and give confidence and smiles back to the community. Every time you shop at trulymetoo, a portion of the proceeds go to charity with the goal of restoring confidence in girls who just need a little reminder that they are beautiful and unique too.

 Now go and enjoy yourself. Just be you!

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