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Sweet Bamboo


Established in 2012 by native New Yorker, Wendy Besio - designer, registered dietitian, mother of three!

While on assignment in Shanghai, China with her husband, son, and growing baby belly, Wendy rolled up her sleeves and discovered what doing business in China was all about.   What started as a simple quest to find the ‘perfect fabric’ for her then unborn son, turned into kilos of colors and racks of cute little clothes. 

Wendy chose bamboo as the source for her fabric after months of research and testing.  “I wanted fabric that was different than traditional cotton; something that felt like cashmere and silk combined.  I was seeking soft, hypoallergenic, and sustainable” said Wendy.  After watching new shoots of bamboo grow 1 to 2 feet seemingly overnight, she sought out a manufacturing company that produced Oeko-Tex certified bamboo fabrics.  She learned of bamboo’s baby-friendly properties, loved its sustainability and the rest was history.  The fabric is divine!


Sweet Bamboo products are incredibly soft and accommodating – perfect for little lifestyles.  Our clothes offer effortless style with fresh colors and clean lines.  In short, we offer ECO friendly, luxury goods that are perfect for every day wear!   


We promise to deliver clothing and accessories that are:

Kid Friendly – super soft, smooth, and accommodating

Fresh – modern-day looks with clean and colorful design

ECO – leading with sustainable and biodegradable resources

Ethical – made with Oeko-Tex certified fabrics and produced according to US standards

Fringy Throw
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