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One Stop Bow Shop

HI! My name is Casey, I am the owner of One Stop Bow Shop a retail and wholesale hairbow company.
The number one question I get is... How did you start making hairbows (what is your story)?
My response- When I was younger I managed a retail store of my mothers for 10 years. I knew I eventually wanted to own my own business but I never thought in a million years it would be a hairbow company. I mean come on we purchased our hairbow products from other hairbow companies...
Over the years of purchasing hairbows I noticed there was a need for a good quality hairbow. My mother had this bright idea - why don't we just do it? HOW HARD COULD IT BE RIGHT? Well after 2 months of hard core training myself via You Tube, I had gotten pretty good at it! I made hairbows for the store I managed for 2 years and then I thought bigger... why not do this for a living! It takes a leap of faith to trust God when he is calling you to do something life changing. 
I officially opened my wholesale company in October 2011 with only a handful of clients. Now One Stop Bow Shop is one of the top hairbow companies inside Dallas Market Center. I am a proud mama of 2 bowheads, Paisley and Penley. If you follow me on instagram @onestopbowshop you already know this! It's funny how God will change your life when you willing to let him be in total control of your life. Like I mentioned before I would have never said growing up that one day I want to make and sell hairbows for a career.
That's my story! Thanks for reading it.