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Bottle Pets

Bottle Pets are baby bottle covers created by two moms who wanted to make feeding time fun. They discovered that by putting together a toy with milk, feeding time not only became a fun activity, it also made it more convenient for mom and easier for baby!

Bottle Pets are unique, patented plush baby bottle covers that helps baby learn to hold the bottle, eases the transition to and from bottle-feeding and helps develop early hand- eye coordination. They fit most types of baby bottles and when baby is ready to move on, can be used with most sippy cups that don’t have handles.

Bottle Pets meet or surpass rigorous child safety standards and are certified to ASTM specification on toy safety – F963-11, ensuring that parents have peace of mind. They contain no lead, BPA or phthalates.

In 2015 Tammin Sursok, star of ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars”, became a partner in Bottle Pets. Having purchased a Bottle Pet for her new born daughter Phoenix, she soon discovered what a great product it was! Phoenix will not go anywhere without her Bottle Pet and it has become not only an aid to feeding but also a comforter!

Tammin had been looking to get into the baby business and had been approached by many other companies, but decided that Bottle Pets was the best fit. Seeing how her daughter and other babies reacted to the product helped enforce her decision!