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Bela & Nuni

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Bela & Nuni

We are introducing a new children's line BELA & NUNI
Our company has been working with kids wear for more than 18 yrs, in Australia, and also in USA.
The new line is refreshing, a perfect balance is struck between classically pretty and fun practicality. Each season it will be new and innovative, yet the foundation theme - Vintage/Storybook/Fun/Fancy - creates a thread from season to season.

BELA & NUNI ranges are mix of washable, iron able, durable jersey, stretch rayon, lace and other beautiful fabrications.

Originally created as a fuss-free alternative for the modern mum and active child, BELA & NUNI clothing it will be developed into a mini fashion.

BELA & NUNI is catering from babies to size 14. With lots of easy to wear fabrics, fun prints and great colors, the girls love to wear this. There is something for all tastes, with sequins, embellishments, frills and bows for the dressy end to the latest trends reflected in the styling.


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