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Baby Jack & Co

It all started with a boy named Jack who loved ribbons. Baby Jack would tickle his nose and arm with his red satin ribbon but one day got his finger intertwined in a looped tag blanket his mom made for him.

Since that day, Baby Jack & Co. has been creating tag toys and blankets with ribbons sewn shut, still proving tactile play and stimulation.

The Legler family works together to bring comfort to kids of all ages with their educational prints and tag designs.

Baby Jack And Company designs educational sensory toys and blankets for kids of all ages with a unique process of sewing ribbons shut into tabs for added safety.

Kids love to play, chew, rub the ribbons and develop cognitively, socially and emotionally through sensory play.

All prints are created by 7 year old Jack, and his 5 year old sister Bailey and their mom Kelley using basic shapes to encourage early learning. This truly is a family business.

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